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At the ski resort, slopes designed for skiing are of utmost importance. They must meet a range of requirements. Have a variety of and properly profiled tracks. It is desirable that the resort has a full range of slopes - from simple and educational to complex and specially designed for competitions.
The availability of a snowpark with a halfpipe, ski jumps, air cushion, rails and other snowboarding facilities has become almost mandatory for a modern resort.
Snow cover on the tracks requires constant attention. It is processed daily or, to be more precise, weekly, using special caterpillar machines - snow groomers. Now it is simply impossible to imagine a modern ski complex without snow groomers. Modern snow groomers are not at all similar to those that appeared on the mountain slopes more than 80 years ago. Today they are powerful multifunctional machines capable of performing complex and diverse tasks, and its driver must be a true professional.
Other equipment that has become almost mandatory for a modern ski resorts is artificial snow formation systems or, more simply, snow cannons. Almost every modern ski resort has such systems in its equipment. Snow cannons are needed in order to pour artificial snow on the slopes in snowy winters, and they also allow you to open the ski slopes before the natural snow falls. It is only necessary that the air temperature drops below zero degrees.
Snowmaking systems are complex engineering structures with their own ponds and pipelines for water supply. Two types of generators are used to create artificial snow: snow cannons and less powerful snow rifles. Snow cannons are mobile, they can be moved on a chassis or skid, they are capable of producing up to 150 cubic meters of snow per hour. Snow rifles have a capacity usually not exceeding 25 cubic meters per hour and are placed at equal distances along the main tracks to ensure uniform spraying of an additional layer of snow throughout their length.
Evening lighting trails also available now in many resorts for ski tourism. This is especially true for northern regions with short daylight hours in winter.


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